Web Hosting

Choosing a web hosting provider in Buffalo or anywhere in the world is one of the most important decisions to make for your website. You need a company that can provide a great record of uptime. We do. You also need a company that is reliable and responsive! Our clients are on dedicated servers for both web hosting and email. Having your website on a dedicated server means you are on a server with ONLY our clients. We control all the data put on the server, as well as maintenance and backups for web files and databases.

Avoid Bigger Shared Servers

On a shared server you are on a server that has many 100’s of sites that you have absolutely no relation to and the host company often overloads the system which can cause poor performance; slower loading time for sites and sometimes, hardware failure where the sites actually go down.

Having a dedicated server provides our clients with far more reliable and efficient web hosting services. A big advantage to having your site on our servers.

Interweb Technology Group maintains multiple high-speed connections to ensure 99.9% network up time for your website. Your website will be on a dedicated secure server in a locked data center with restricted tech only access to both the physical server as well as the website, database, and email. Our data center is provisioned with redundant power and redundant internet connections and providers to avoid single points of failure that bring other servers down. There is onsite tech support 24x7x365. Backups are run daily and validated with test/restores on a regular schedule at the data center. In the event of a disaster or server hardware failure all websites housed there can be restored from backups to another server. Additionally we are part of a global distributed information network. What this means to you is that even in the unlikely event of a server failure your static information is distributed globally for security, and you get the added benefit of a faster loading website. Up to 40% faster, in fact. Very few hosts go the extra mile for security, redundancy, and data protection like Interweb Technology Group does!

Fast & Secure Website Hosting

Customer Service

  • Friendly, local customer service.
  • Email and phone tech support.
  • Highly reliable Sun and Dell servers.


  • Sophisticated firewall.
  • Intrusion Prevention System.
  • Malware scanning.


  • In-house web developers.
  • Experienced with popular software.
  • Creative web design talent.

We have a variety of web hosting packages to choose from for our clients in Buffalo or elsewhere- small information only sites to full blown eCommerce shopping carts and sites with complex databases.